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New Guelph Pride Committee Chair Appointed

[Oct 18, 2014]Martin Straathof has been appointed the new Chair of the Guelph Pride Committee for the 2015 festivities effective immediately. Martin brings an amazing skillset to the team in addition to an excitement for the position. The Guelph Pride Committee has begun planning events for 2015, so please look out for more information in the near future. If you are a community partner or potential sponsor, you are encouraged to connect with Martin who can be reached at

Guelph Pride Chair Steps Down

[May 12, 2014] Dear community members and community partners,

On behalf of the 2014 Guelph Pride Committee, I would like to send you a warm thank you for your contributions to this year’s events. Thank you to our amazing corporate sponsors, McNeil and the University of Guelph, for their financial and other support. Thank you to all the businesses who donated a door prize to one of our many events. Thank you to our community partners for their promotional and resource support. [READ MORE]

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10 Years of Pride and Counting

June of 2003 saw Guelph's first annual Pride Picnic. A need had been recognized for Guelph to host its own Pride event for LGBTTSIQQ people, their family, friends and allies. Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo and Toronto are destinations for their annual Pride celebrations, and it was felt that Guelphites would benefit from a fun and family-friendly event of our own.
Our goals have been to provide visibility to LGBTTSIQQ people and allies, and to promote volunteerism within the queer community of Guelph. We provide opportunity for people to learn about and access various local social service groups. Of course we also want to have a great time!
In Winter 2013, to better engage University of Guelph students with Guelph Pride events, the committee decided to run a separate Pride festival called Winter Pride. In May 2013, Guelph Pride celebrated its 10th anniversary.
Guelph Pride, as an organization, has grown tremendously and has had many positive effects on the community. Guelph Pride will continue to grow and engage all members of the community as the years progress.

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